Member Bios:

Chair - Nathan Coombs 

Vice-Chair - Emma Reesor (Vice Chair)


Alamosa - Jim Ehrlich

Conejos - Chuck Finnegan

Costilla - Eugene Jacques

Hinsdale - Bob Getz

Mineral - Gwen Nelson Freer

Rio Grande - Brenda Anderson

Saguache - Edwin Nielsen 


Alamosa - Charles Griego

Conejos - vacant

​Costilla - Nicole Langley

Hinsdale - *included in county seat

Mineral - JB Alexander

Rio Grande - Gene Farish

Saguache - Ann Bunting 

​Conservancy and Conservation Districts:

Alamosa/La Jara Conservancy District - Dwight Martin

Conejos Water Conservancy District - Nathan Coombs (Chair)

Costilla Water Conservancy District - Ronda Lobato

SLV Water Conservancy District - Heather Dutton

Rio Grande Water Conservation District - Cleave Simpson

Trinchera Water Conservancy District - Wayne Schwab

Legislative Appointee: - Karla Shriver

At Large:

Alamosa River - Cindy Medina (Secretary)

Acequias - Dave Marquez

Conservation Easements - Judy Lopez

Education - Bethany Howell 

Environmental - Rio de la Vista

Water User - Peter Clark 

Rio Grande Water Users - Greg Higel 

Agriculture - Ron Brink 

Agriculture/Reservoirs - Keith Holland

Conejos Water Users - James Henderson

Watershed Health - Emma Reesor

Industrial/Domestic - Charles Spielman 

SLV Well Owners - Mario Curto 

Recreation - Kevin Terry 

Wildlife - Dale Pizel

Reservoirs - Travis Smith

General At Large - Mike Gibson

CWCB Member (non-voting) - Heather Dutton

Outreach Specialist and Minutes: Helen Smith


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