2009 Rio Grande Riparian Stabilization Project – Phase 4

Category: River & Watershed Restoration
Organization: Colorado Rio Grande Restoration Foundation
Date Approved: May 2010
Basin Funds: $50,000
State Funds: $98,000

This project funded streambank stabilization and riparian restoration on 7 sites in Alamosa County. Contractors completed construction on the final site in Fall 2014. This project improved the function of the Rio Grande by reducing sediment loading through the restoration and stabilization of 2.3 miles of riverbank, the installation of rock barbs and root wads, and the planting of willow clumps. These efforts continue to result in improved water quality, reduced erosion, increased sediment transport capacity, higher quality of riparian areas and habitat, and properly functioning floodplains.


Chefas (West)



Chefas (East)