Kerber Creek Restoration Project – Middle Parcel

Category: River & Watershed Restoration
Organization: Trout Unlimited, Inc
Date Approved: May 2015
Basin Funds: $30,000
State Funds: $0

This project funded the restoration of six acres of mine tailings contained within the floodplain of site KC16-M adjacent to Kerber Creek in northern Saguache County. TU instituted phytostabilization as the treatment method of choice on the associated mine tailings, which consisted of applying a pre-determined mixture of soil amendments consisting of lime, limestone, and compost to a depth of 18-24”. TU then planted metal-tolerant plants to reduce toxicity and metal mobility. TU’s efforts coincided with 5,900 feet of adjacent in-stream improvements planned for 2015 by NRCS. Project monitoring will be conducted through tasks and objectives under a Colorado Nonpoint Source grant and will provide progress towards ecological goals as defined in a Project Implementation Plan approved by CDPHE.

Kerber Creek