Mountain Home Reservoir Dam Outlet Works Rehabilitation

Category: Reservoir Improvements
Organization: Trinchera Irrigation Company

Phase I
Date Approved: May 2014
Basin Funds: $25,000
State Funds: $0

Phase II
Date Approved: May 2017
Basin Funds: $70,000
State Funds: $0

Phase III
Date Approved: March 2018
Basin Funds: $50,000
State Funds: $612,438

The outlet works at Mountain Home Reservoir had reached the end of their designed functionality and were experiencing significant leakage of up to 2,250 AF a year. Phase I of this project granted Trinchera Irrigation Company funds to conduct a feasibility study that included an underwater inspection and capture and analysis of video data and determined the best way to repair the gates and outlet works. Phase II funded the engineering designs for the repairs, and Phase III funded the replacement of the existing gate valves, repairs to the existing concrete within the outlet tunnel, installation of a hydraulic operation system, and the actuators for each valve.

Mountain Home Reservoir