Platoro Reservoir Restoration

Category: Reservoir Improvements
Organization: Conejos Water Conservancy District

Phase I

Date Approved: September 2008
Basin Funds: $50,000
State Funds: $200,000

This funding went to the repair of the crest of the dam at Platoro Reservoir. The project has helped to keep the Platoro Reservoir facility in working order so that Colorado can continue to meet its obligations under the Rio Grande Compact and provide for flood control, irrigation, river fishery, endangered species protection, dam safety, and recreation, for the 100,000 acre District service area. The project served to restore the crest and maintains full operating functionality of the Reservoir so it can continue to sustainably meet the agricultural demands that are prevalent on the Conejos System.

Phase II

Date Approved: September 2011
Basin Funds: $15,000
State Funds: $135,000

Platoro Reservoir regulates the water supply for 88,000 acres of irrigated land managed by the Conejos Water Conservancy District. This project funded several phases of work focused on repairing the crest of the Platoro Reservoir dam in order to maintain these regulating capabilities. Repairs to the dam allowed the Reservoir to maintain its operating functionality, helping the District to meet its obligations to the Rio Grande Compact, sustainably meet agricultural demands, provide flood control, maintain the Conejos River fishery, and improve public safety.