Rio Grande Initiative – Gilmore Ranch; River Valley Ranch I; Knoblauch Ranch; Rio Oxbow Ranch I; River Valley Ranch II

Category: Conservation Easements
Organization: Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust
Date Approved: March 2008
Basin Funds: $200,000
State Funds: $1.3 million

This project is a locally based initiative lead by the Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust to protect private lands along the Rio Grande and its major tributaries in the San Luis Valley that are considered critical. Over 25,000 acres have been protected as of 2015. This initiative has provided numerous benefits such as sustaining agriculture, protection of wetlands and habitat as well as keeping historic water rights intact. This particular project funded conservation easements on the Gilmore Ranch, River Valley Ranch, Knoblauch Ranch, and Rio Oxbow Ranch, four high priority properties on the Rio Grande.

Gilmore Ranch

River Valley Ranch

Knoblauch Ranch

Rio Oxbow Ranch