Rio Grande Initiative: North Rio Grande Ranch Conservation Easement

Category: Conservation Easements
Organization: Rio Grande Headwaters Land Trust
Date Approved: March 2011
Basin Funds: $15,000
State Funds: $55,000

This project enabled the acquisition of a conservation easement on the North Rio Grande Ranch, an important 320-acre Rio Grande river corridor ranch in Alamosa County, including securing the senior water rights to the property. It was a continuation of the successful Rio Grande Initiative, which benefited both consumptive and non-consumptive water needs in the Rio Grande Basin. Specific benefits of the project include:

  • Preserving agriculture and irrigation on 260 – 320 acres with 300 – 400 acre-feet of water
  • Protecting Wildlife Habitat on irrigated lands, through the riparian corridor, and on 100 acres of designated wetlands
  • Preserving historic water use patterns by maintaining return flows
  • Preserving the floodplain for flood mitigation and public safety