Romero-Guadalupe Channel Rectification Project

Category: Irrigation Infrastructure
Organization: Romero Irrigation Company
Date Approved: September 2007
Basin Funds: $83,700
State Funds: $0

This partnership project by the Romero Irrigation Company and Guadalupe Main Ditch Company on the Conejos River reduced flood risk to the town of Guadalupe and enhanced aquatic and riparian habitat while addressing the needs of the ditches. The project involved stabilizing streambanks by reshaping and improving the condition of the channel, placing J-Hook rock structures, and creating rock weirs. The channel restoration will better accommodate flood flows, maintain a stable width-to-depth ratio, allow for the conveyance of suspended solids, ensure the stability of structures during flood events, improve water quality, and help the state meet its Compact obligation.

Guadalupe-Romero Diversion