Sanchez Reservoir Rehabilitation

Category: Reservoir Improvements
Organization: Sanchez Ditch and Reservoir Company

Phase I: Assessment and Upgrade
Date Approved: September 2011
Basin Funds: $10,000
State Funds: $85,000

Phase II: Outlet Rehabilitation and Gate Tower Replacement
Date Approved: September 2012
Basin Funds: $55,000
State Funds: $859,400

This project improved the Sanchez Reservoir, automating the operation system and renovating the gate tower and outlet structures. Phase 1 evaluated the current configuration of Sanchez Reservoir gate tower and gondola in terms of current, continued, and long term operational viability. This feasibility study determined the best means of upgrading or replacing the existing system along with a preliminary assessment of hydropower potential. Phase 2 implemented the recommendations made in Phase 1, installing a new hydraulic operating system with solar power to enable remote observation and operation. Phase 2 also repaired the concrete exterior of the gate tower and deteriorated concrete on the outlet structure.

Sanchez Reservoir