Santa Maria and Continental Reservoirs

Category: Reservoir Improvements
Organization: Santa Maria Reservoir Company

Phase I: Rehabilitation and Multiple Use Studies
Date Approved: September 2008
Basin Funds: $72,000
State Funds: $141,700

Phase II: Continental Dam and Spillway Restoration
Date Approved: September 2013
Basin Funds: $51,000
State Funds: $962,750

The purpose of this project was to improve aging infrastructure at both Santa Maria and Continental Reservoirs. Due to dam seepage and spillway conditions deteriorating at Continental Reservoir, the State Engineer had imposed a storage limitation on the reservoir for twenty years, reducing the allowed capacity from 26,716 acre feet to 15,000 acre feet. This project restored the dam and spillway in order to lift the limitation, increasing storage, improving flood control, and enhancing year-round recreational uses.

Continental Reservoir