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Why Do Soils Matter?

By Francine Lheritier, Soil Scientist, USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service “Most people don’t realize that just beneath our feet lies a diverse, complex, life-giving ecosystem that sustains our entire existence,” said Jason Weller, Chief of USDA’s Natural...

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The Power of Pollinators

By Susan Welch Susan Welch is a small acreage beekeeper in northern Colorado Research over the last few decades has helped farmers/ranchers make great strides when it comes to the quantity and quality of food and fiber that is produced in the United States. The amount...

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Conserving Land and Water: A Long-Term Tool

By Rio de la Vista With Colorado’s growing population and the severe drought which began in 2002, there continues to be intense pressure for land development and with that, pressure to convert more and more water from agriculture to other uses. In response to this,...

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The Science of Conservation

The Dust Bowl of the 1930’s covered 300,000 square miles of territory located in Kansas, Texas, western Oklahoma, eastern Colorado, and New Mexico. With successive storms, the wind and the flying dust cut off wheat stalks at ground level and tore out the roots....

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