Articles – Local Water Concerns

The Subdistrict Process Moves Forward

By Helen Smith Water history has been made in the San Luis Valley. Subdistrict number two has officially been approved by the Rio Grande County District Court. The hearing to determine the status of Subdistrict 2 took place on Feb. 23rd at the Rio Grande County...

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Reservoirs in the San Luis Valley

By Travis Smith Colorado's history is written in water. Colorado's water history also involves the development of reservoirs. It was quickly recognized by irrigators and municipal users that having the ability to capture and control available water during times of...

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Public Lands, Public Water

By Paul Tigan, Assistant Field Manager, San Luis Valley Field Office, BLM When thinking of the Bureau of Land Management, or BLM, what comes to mind? Is it livestock ranching? Oil and gas development? Maybe its rock climbing at Penitente Canyon, or watching wildlife...

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